DRIVE Wireless Network

DRIVE is very pleased to announce the pilot wireless network is ready to serve customers!

The network will be initially served by Skypacket Networks, an ISP that has been serving commercial and residential customers in Northeast PA for several years.

While DRIVE owns and maintains the core network infrastructure, all customer service, installation, customer premises equipment, and billing will be handled by Skypacket.  You can visit the Skypacket website to learn more about service options.

If you are interested in receiving service please contact Skypacket Networks directly at (240) 580 2767 or

About the Network

Led by DRIVE, the network provides the necessary infrastructure to easily and economically distribute internet service throughout the Montour County region. Geisinger has partnered with DRIVE to fund the startup of the project through an interest-free loan.

The network will operate through a public-private partnership where DRIVE maintains and operates the network infrastructure and private ISPs serve customers through the DRIVE network.  The network will cover a significant portion of Montour County, including underserved areas in the northern portion of the county.

  • The Network is fed by a fiber optic internet backbone
  • The Network uses wireless line-of-sight technology to connect network infrastructure (tower locations) to customer locations
  • The DRIVE Network will be monitored 24/7 to ensure network reliability
  • Initial tower locations include: the county’s 9-1-1 tower, Montour County Emergency Management Agency building, Geisinger’s Hospital for Advanced Medicine and USG in Washingtonville

Please see DRIVE Network Legal Notices for complete terms and conditions.